Strategic Luvin'

Male & Female logic…


1. Know what you want, what makes you happy, what your core motives are in life. “Be careful what u wish for, cuz you just might get it!”

2. Know what you don’t want. Think that every action has consequences and a reaction. Think about the reason you want to be with someone and the effect you have on each other.

3. Know your boundaries, your limits of your body, your emotions and how far you are willing to go. Think that a free will also brings responsibility. 

4. Be independent, learn to think and feel on your own. What do you believe, what do you feel, what do you think? Your opinion in your life.

5. Listen to your body, your heart, your mind. Develop your intuition.

6. Know what morality and ethics are. “What comes around go’s around.” and “Treat someone like you want to be treated yourself.” 

7. Learn to acknowledge yourself, your space, and forgive yourself, love yourself. Think positive, you have a choice to do this.

8. Respect yourself

9. Know what you have to do, when your heart is starting to hurt or when frustrations run too high. Know how to deal with your emotions, don’t run away from them. 

10. Know that all people are connected to one another, people experience same things, know that there are people who feel like you, even though you might not notice them.

11. Be your own counselor, or better yet “still around everything that you might experience in life, everyone needs God”.

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